Easy Latin: How To Learn Latin

Learning Latin in 5 simple lessons

The 'Easy Latin' blog series from Liber Historiae exploded across the classics community. Find the extended lessons here and learn Latin the easy way.
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About the Book
“An invaluable book for anyone who wants to know how to learn Latin.”

Now everyone can learn the Latin language with this short and sharp Easy Latin booklet.

In five easy to follow Latin lessons you will go from no knowledge in the language to being able to pronounce, read, translate, and understanding the Latin language.

Packed with tips on studying, little pieces of history, and essential charts, learning Latin is made fun, with all the complexities taken out.

Latin language learning has never been easier! 

Covering all the foundation grammar, Easy Latin lets you practice your new skills with questions that vary from the simple sentences all the way to entire paragraphs. Simply check your answers at the back, and follow the charts if you get stuck.

All you need in beginning to learn Latin is right here, it has never been easier.

1. Pronounciation
2. Foundational Grammar
3. Noun Declensions & Cases
4. Verb Conjugations
5. Irregular Verbs
6. Infinitive Verbs
7. Adjectives & Adverbs
8. Prepositions & Interrogatives
9. Structuring Sentences
10. Extensive Translations

“A great book to follow along with when teaching Latin for kids!”
Publisher: Liber Historiae
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 1535448091

List Price: $9.99
eBook Price: $1.99
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